About This Website

Chameleonschool.com is for people who want to learn about chameleons and to help those who are interested in keeping them as pets.

All the information presented on this site is based on the knowledge I have learned over the years keeping chameleons and is sourced from up to date scientific journals where appropriate.

About Me

Hi, I’m Dave and from a young age, I have been interested in keeping exotic animals as pets. I have always been fascinated with chameleons in particular as I find them to be such strange and colorful creatures.

I have kept chameleons, particularly veiled chameleons, for over ten years and have learned a lot during that time. I love continuing to learn about them and sharing that information with people.

I am also passionate about helping beginners learn about caring for chameleons as pets and how to keep them healthy and happy.

This site is dedicated to Isambard. May you roam free in the jungles of the sky.

Latest posts

  • Best Chameleon Humidifiers & Foggers In 2022

    Best Chameleon Humidifiers & Foggers In 2022

    Water, lots of water, is critical for any living being’s health and every living thing needs it to stay hydrated. A chameleon though not only needs it in liquid form to stay hydrated but also in the form of air humidity to keep its skin, eyes and digestive health in healthy condition. This air humidity […]

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  • The 3 Best Pet Chameleons For Beginners

    The 3 Best Pet Chameleons For Beginners

    Thinking about getting a chameleon for the first time is really exciting. There’s so much to think about from researching what cage to get, what lights they need and how are you going to handle their creepy-crawly live food? Probably the most exciting question though is what chameleon shall I get? There are over 180 […]

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  • What Temperature Do Chameleons Need? How To Monitor Correctly

    What Temperature Do Chameleons Need? How To Monitor Correctly

    A chameleons’ natural habitat varies between mountains, rain forests and deserts but they all have one thing in common. They all reach high temperatures for most of the day and throughout most months of the year. This means that in captivity you need to provide high temperatures for your chameleon to survive. All chameleons need […]

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