Best Panther Chameleon Cages In 2020

by Dave

Panther chameleons are probably the most colorful chameleon you can easily have as a pet. There are, amazingly, more colorful species than even the vibrant panther chameleon, in my opinion anyway but if you want the most colorful species that is well suited to be kept as a pet, the panther chameleon is the best choice.

Due to their vibrancy, they’re not the cheapest chameleons to buy and they’re expensive to set up a cage for. They also grow to a pretty big size so you’ll need a large cage to house them in.

You’re not only going to want a large enough cage you’re going to want one you can actually see your panther chameleon clearly in. Chameleons are display pets rather than pets for holding and cuddling and if you’re going to get a chameleon as beautiful as a panther chameleon, you’re going to want to display them as best you can.

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Things to consider when buying a panther chameleon cage
  • Size – The best size for a panther chameleon’s cage is 24x24x48. 18x18x36 is really the minimum size any smaller than that is bad for their health as too little space will stress them out. They grow to a large size and they need plenty of room. Really, the bigger the cage is the better it is for a panther chameleon.
  • Lighting – Panther chameleons need a UVB light to help with their digestion and to maintain bone health. They also need a heat lamp to enable them to regulate body temperature. Any cage you get will need enough space on top to put the lights. The top of the cage needs to be mesh too so light and heat can penetrate through to the chameleon inside.
  • Plants – You also need room for plenty of plants in your panther chameleon cage. Panther chameleons need plenty of plants to hide in and climb around.
  • Strength – Panther chameleons grow to large sizes and they spend nearly all their time climbing above ground. In screen cages, they sometimes like to climb on the mesh so you better make sure it’s strong enough to hold a large and fully grown panther chameleon.
  • Airflow – Panther chameleons live in hot and humid Madagascar and this needs to be recreated in captivity. They will do well in either glass or screen mesh cages but I prefer the latter, purely because the airflow will be better to prevent humidity or heat getting too high and preventing the build up of harmful bacteria.
What panther chameleon cages can you buy?

For a pet that’s getting more popular, there are not a lot of cages available that are a suitable size to house a panther chameleon.

Many of the lists I see for standard chameleon cages seem to list cages that are dangerously unsuitable for a panther chameleon because they’re far too small. If a panther chameleon can’t get enough space to move around or climb high enough they will become stressed and eventually serious ill.

There are some custom builders who will make you a panther chameleon cage to order but they’re often very expensive and more suited to those with big setups housing multiple chameleons.

All cages are either made of mesh or glass. Which one you choose is largely down to personal choice but I prefer mesh purely for the airflow and ease of cleaning.

Best Panther Chameleon Cage

This list of cages is based on my own personal experience and on the reviews of others.

I have also only listed cages with the appropriate sizes because as I said earlier, too small a cage will damage your panther chameleon’s health. It’s absolutely vital you buy a cage that at least has enough height for your panther chameleon to climb to a height it can feel safe.

1. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Open Air Cage

This is, without a doubt, the best cage you can get for your chameleon. It’s called deluxe for a reason because it has extra cool little additions, like LED lights, that other cages simply don’t have.

Size – 24x24x48

3 reasons to buy this cage:

  • Hybrid cage – With mesh sides and an acrylic door this cage allows for both ideal worlds of great airflow for your chameleon and the opportunity to view your chameleon behind clear glass rather than having it obscured by all mesh.
  • Acrylic Door – This allows for much better viewing of your panther chameleon. Keeping one behind mesh has a tendency to obscure the view somewhat, but an acrylic door really shows them off well.
  • LED Lights – Viewing is further enhanced with the addition of touch-activated LED lights. They have three different settings to change the way your panther chameleon is displayed.

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2. Exo Terra High Glass

This is a real beast of a cage for those who want to really splash some cage and house their chameleon in a beautiful glass cage.

The fact it is glass means it wouldn’t be my go to choice but you may prefer it to all mesh or hybrid. I do know your panther chameleon will look amazing inside it

The Exo Terra High Glass is a huge great thing and is the biggest cage on this list. It will give your panther chameleon not only plenty of height but tons of width too to move around it.

Size – 18 x 36 x 36

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • All Glass – Again it’s a personal choice but if you really want to display a beautiful panther chameleon the best way possible glass is unbeatable.
  • Front Ventilation – As glass can get too hot for a panther chameleon you need to keep a close eye on its temperatures but the front ventilation built into the front and an all mesh cover will really improve airflow.
  • Size – This is really is a big size for a panther chameleon. Height is the most important aspect for their cage but having depth as well will really make your new scaly companion feel right at home.

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3. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage

This is the best seller of the bunch and has been consistently so in the world of chameleon keeping for a long time now.

It is the same as number 1 on this list only without the acrylic door and the LED light. The cage is all mesh which is ideal for a panther chameleon.

Size – 24x24x48

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • All Screen – The perfect choice to allow air to flow freely and prevent bacteria buildup. Watch those temperatures though to make sure your panther chameleon stays warm enough in its cage.
  • Popular – This has had consistently good reviews and feedback among panther chameleon and veiled chameleon keepers alike, I include myself in that too. If many people swear by it then you can be confident it’s a good buy.
  • Easy to setup – Exoterra cages come with some assembly required but their very clear instructions make this so easy that you needn’t worry.

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4. Exo Terra Screen Cage

This is another screen cage but with the same dimensions as the Exo Terra high glass so giving you the option of glass or mesh for the same size.

As good as glass looks I much prefer screen if for nothing else than the airflow it provides.

Size – 18x36x36

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • Cricket Proof Screen – Crickets are like the Harry Houdini of the insect world and can escape anything, almost anything that is because this cricket proof screen has other ideas.
  • Large Double Door – A double door allows for more access and ease of cleaning to reduce stress for your panther chameleon whenever you have to go in to feed or clean it out.
  • Substrate Tray – I think substrate beyond paper towels is unnecessary for a panther chameleon but each to their own. Some like soil substrate and plant their plants directly in it. Having a substrate tray with raised sides makes cleaning and swapping out of substrate a whole lot easier.

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5. Carolina Custom Cage Extra-Tall Large

Finally I recommend the Carolina Custom Extra Tall glass cage.

Again it’s all glass but I reckon your panther chameleon will look just as amazing, if not better in here than it will in the exo terra glass one. In fact, I like this cage better. It’s only last on the list because it’s got a whopping price tag but you do get exactly what you pay for.

Size – 36x18x36

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • Light Weight – Well it’s still heavy at 80 pounds but it comes in at 16 pounds lighter than Exo Terra’s one on this list, so it’s easier to ship and move should you need to.
  • Less Plastic – There is a more quality feel about the Carolina Custom. The Exo Terra’s ventilation is made of plastic but that’s is not the case with this cage. The mesh on top is also made of high quality steel. The whole thing feels sleeker than other glass cages.
  • Easy Assembly – Of course, every manufacturer boasts this but Carolina Customs have really nailed ease of putting together such a quality cage at home.

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So two glass cages, two mesh cages, and one hybrid. I’ve kept the list deliberately small so as not to make things too overwhelming and too confusing on choice. I’ve also only included those cages that have the appropriate size for a panther chameleon.

Hopefully, that’s enough of a selection for you to think about in 2020.

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