Best Veiled Chameleon Cages for 2020

by Dave

Veiled chameleons are still a rare choice of pet for people but they are becoming increasingly popular. Before getting one you need to do a lot of research to make sure they’re the right pet for you. Veiled chameleons grow to pretty large sizes so they need a good amount of space inside their cage.

This means that if you’re going to keep one as a pet you need to get a big enough cage to house them in comfortably. Not only that you’re going to want a cage where you can see your veiled chameleon properly because why bother getting a pet as beautiful as a veiled chameleon if they’re not displayed well!?

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Things to consider when buying a veiled chameleon cage
  • Size – 18x18x36 is really the minimum size for a veiled chameleon cage but the best is 24x24x48. They grow to a large size and they need plenty of room so the bigger the better. Do not pay attention to recommendations for cages smaller than the minimum I’ve mentioned as this will be bad for your veiled chameleon’s health.
  • Plant Housing – A bigger size is also better for keeping plants in your veiled chameleon cage. They need plenty of plants for your veiled chameleon to climb on and hide in.
  • Space for lighting – Veiled chameleons need both a heat lamp and a UVB light for digestion purposes and bone strength. A cage needs to be large enough and with enough space on top to put the lights. Not only that there should be space for the light to get through and actually reach the veiled chameleon in the cage. A screen top is perfect for this.
  • Air Flow – Although veiled chameleons live in Yemen, which conjures up desert images, they actually live in cool forested regions of it and as such don’t need too high temperatures or too much humidity. A screen enclosure provides better airflow than glass which helps regulate the ambient temperature and humidity of the cage.
  • Rust Resistant – Veiled chameleons require a lot of water and a cage made out of a certain type of metal just won’t do. It’s pretty difficult to find cages that do rust though as most commercial screen cages have an aluminum frame so not too much to worry about but still worth a mention.
  • Strength – Did I mention veiled chameleons are big? And that they like to climb a lot? Well, sometimes they like to climb on the screen sides of the cage so you’ll need to make sure that screen mesh isn’t too flimsy that they break. Again, most chameleon cage manufacturers are aware of this and provide the right strength of mesh to tolerate this but it’s still something to take into consideration when making a purchase.
What veiled chameleon cages are available?

The world of veiled chameleon cages is a strange one. There’s endless debate about whether glass or screen is better and what size you need but for a hobby that’s growing in popularity, there is surprisingly little choice in the availability of cages.

Many lists will just recommend any reptile cage instead of just veiled chameleon specific cages. They also won’t take into consideration that size, especially height, is very important for a veiled chameleon’s health. If they can’t climb high enough they will become stressed.

There are a few cage builders willing to build a custom cage for you and while these are often excellent quality they’re really expensive. Way more than commercially made cages and are more suited to serious hobbyists who often keep multiple chameleons and have very big and very impressive setups.

Best Veiled Chameleon Cages

As I said earlier there is not a great deal of variety of appropriately sized chameleon cages. Whether you choose glass or screen mesh is largely down to your own personal choice but I think mesh is a better option as it provides better airflow and prevents veiled chameleons from overheating, something particularly important for those living in warmer climates.

This list of cages is based on my own personal experience and on the reviews of others.

I have also only listed cages with the appropriate sizes. I’ve seen other best chameleon cage lists that have all sorts of different size cages on them. This is dangerously wrong. A cage too small for your veiled chameleon will cause serious stress-related health issues. They need adequate height and width to live a long and healthy life in your care.

1. Zoo Med ReptiBreeze LED Deluxe Open Air Cage

This is, without a doubt, the best cage you can get for your chameleon. It’s called deluxe for a reason because it has extra cool little additions, like LED lights, that other cages simply don’t have.

Size – 24x24x48

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • It’s a hybrid cage – This means it has screen sides and a bottom panel that allow for great airflow that’s really beneficial for a veiled chameleon’s health.
  • Acrylic Door – This is what makes the cage hybrid as it’s screen mesh as well as acrylic glass. An acrylic door allows for much better viewing of your veiled chameleon than if it was just behind a screen and helps reach a settlement in the endless glass v screen debate.
  • LED Lights – The deluxe version further enhances viewing with the addition of touch activated LED lights with either white, red, or white and red together to show just how colorful a chameleon is. These are not to be mistaken for lights that are needed to keep your veiled chameleon warm or for its UVB requirements. These need to be bought separately.

Veiled chameleons are display animals and less suited for handling. The addition of the acrylic door and LED lights means you’ll be able to see your veiled chameleon in all its colorful shining glory.

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2. Zoo Med Reptibreeze Open Air Screen Cage

This is the best selling veiled chameleon cage on the market and for good reason.

It is essentially the same cage as the deluxe version only it’s cheaper, it doesn’t have the acrylic door, is all screen and it doesn’t have the LED lights to enhance your veiled chameleon’s display. Like the deluxe version, it’s very easy to assemble.

Size – 24x24x48

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • All Screen Mesh – This is great for airflow and your veiled chameleon will be able to climb on the mesh without any problems.
  • Easy to assemble – Exoterra cages come flat packed but the instructions are clear and you’ll have your cage up and ready to go in under an hour.
  • Most popular choice – Many veiled chameleon owners, including myself, opt for this one. The deluxe cage wasn’t available when I got my chameleon’s cage and I would get that now but if you don’t want to spend that much money then this is a great alternative option.

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3. Exo Terra Natural Glass Terrarium

A more pricey cage this but the price reflects the quality. It’s also a bit smaller than the other two but still viable for a veiled chameleon to do well in.

It’s also glass which isn’t my preferred choice but it’s really down to personal choice. Your veiled chameleon will look awesome inside it.

This is the smallest cage on the list but it just about scrapes the minimum size so I’ve included it here

Size – 17.7×17.7×35.4

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • All Glass – Again it’s a personal choice but for a vivid and bright display of your veiled chameleon, you can’t beat glass.
  • Front Ventilation – Glass can get too hot for some chameleons so you will have to keep a close eye on temperatures but ventilation at the front helps with airflow.
  • All Mesh Cover – This is needed for UVB and heat lamps as it’s not possible for UVB rays to pass through glass unfiltered.

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4. Carolina Custom Cage Extra-Tall Large

Another great option for those who wanna splash some cash on their new veiled chameleon crib.

Again it’s all glass but I reckon your veiled chameleon will look even better in here than the exo terra glass one. It’s only number 4 on the list as it’s got a slightly larger price tag than the exoterra glass.

Size – 36x18x36

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • All Glass – Again it’s a personal choice but for a vivid bright display of your veiled chameleon, you can’t beat glass.
  • Easy Assembly – All cages say this but Carolina Custom really does make it simpler with very clear instructions. It’s amazing quality for a cage that needs assembling at home.
  • Water Proof Base– This is a really useful addition. You’re going to be putting a lot of water in your veiled chameleon’s cage. The more waterproof it is the better.

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5. Exo Terra Screen Cage

This is another screen cage but with the same dimensions as the Carolina Custom.

As good as glass looks I’m firmly in the camp of screen being better purely for the airflow reasons and the fact it gives your veiled chameleon more options for climbing.

Size – 36x18x36

You should get this cage for 3 reasons:

  • Cricket Proof Screen – Those little critters are the masters of escape. Having a screen with tightly woven mesh will keep them where inside where they need to be.
  • Large Double Door – Almost every other cage has a single door but this one’s double doors allow for a wide open access to the cage interior. This makes cleaning and feeding a lot easier.
  • Substrate Tray – I think substrate is unnecessary for veiled chameleons but it’s a personal choice. This cage has a tray with raised sides making it easy to simply remove any old substrate and mess, toss in the garbage and replace with fresh substrate.

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So there you have it, the best veiled chameleon cages available in 2020. I’ve deliberately kept the list small as I don’t think people need to be overwhelmed with choices on what cage to buy. I’ve also only chosen the cages that have the appropriate size for veiled chameleons.

I hope this list has been useful for you.

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