Keeping Pet Chameleons

The #1 Keeping Pet Chameleons Ebook

Everything you need to know about having a pet chameleon in one ebook.

Learn step-by-step from what you need before you get a chameleon to bringing one home and caring for them properly.

Twelve chapters packed with information about the equipment you need, how to feed and water them correctly, their temperature and humidity requirements and how to spot early warning signs of illness.

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Learn What Having a Chameleon Entails

Too many people get a chameleon without fully knowing what to expect. Take my questionnaire to see if they’re the right pet for you.

Avoid Fatal Beginner Mistakes

A shocking 28% of pet chameleons die in their first year. Learn the steps you need to take to prevent yours being part of that tragic statistic.

Stop Wondering About What Equipment You Need

A clear and concise list of the exact equipment I use to keep my chameleons happy and healthy.

Set Up Their Enclosure The Right Way

I’ll show you how to set up the perfect home that your chameleon will love from the moment they move in.

One Tip That Will Save You Hundreds

Feeding chameleons can be expensive. Use my one tip to save hundreds of dollars on live food costs.

Avoid Buying A Sick Chameleon

Discover what questions to ask and things to look out for when buying a pet chameleon.

Also included are succinct care reference sheets for the three most common species kept as pets, how to care for a female chameleon when she lays eggs, and a list of answers to the most common questions asked in my more than ten years experience of keeping chameleons and running this site.

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Keeping Pet Chameleons
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Chris
Great For Beginners

I’ve been wanting to get a pet chameleon for such a long time, but I was apprehensive because I’d heard how difficult they can be to care for. This book really helped put my mind at rest and I learned a lot from reading it. Can’t wait to get my chameleon home 🙂

 by Kathleen
Gave me confidence

Reading this book really helped me to understand a lot about what care chameleons need. I feel much more confident about getting one now.

 by Jeff
Very Comprehensive

I learned a lot from this book. The money saving tip alone was worth the price. Thoroughly recommended.

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